Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Carpet Cleaning Tips

The Dirt Fighter's Clean Team :- Melbourne's Carpet Cleaning Experts.
                                                 Our Clean team are highly trained Carpet Cleaners with the experience and expertise to help you with all your carpet cleaning needs.
                                               There are many methods of carpet cleaning and over the years we have looked at all of these and selected the best. For Most of carpets we offer "Standard Carpet Cleaning" and for carpets needing a more intensive clean the double action  " Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning" may be required. To extend the life time of new carpet we highly recommended " Super Protector Carpet Steam Cleaning ( With Scotch Guard Super Protection )

Carpet Cleaning Tips 1: - The best tip we can offer to keep your carpets looking good is regular vacuuming using a vacuum of sufficient power to extract dirt from the fibres, Soil can damage the fibres permanently if allowed to remain in the pile and should be removed as often as possible by vacuming. This will not only stop the fibre abrasion, but help eliminate dust mites and control allergies.A good and practical method is to vacuum the areas that receive the most traffic such as hallways, stairs and paths in the home that are used most regularly. Vacuum the entire carpet a minimum of twice per week for the best results.

Carpet Cleaning Tips 2:  Another great tip for keeping your carpet looking good is to use matting to your advantage. Door mats are easily cleaned and much cheaper to replace than carpets. Use them in areas of heavy traffic such as doorways and the main entrance to your home to remove the soil from peoples feet before it gets on your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Tips 3: If you discover a spot or stain on your carpet than please don't reach for a bottle of household cleaning chemicals. Firstly, Identify the staining or spotting substance and call the experts.Often household products can set the stain to leave a permanent mark on the carpet. More importantly, Some household products contain bleaching agents that remove or chemically change the carpet dyes. This can never be repaired and overzealous, untrained use of bleaches will ruin your carpet . Scrap or Blot the dirt or stain than call the expert  : Call Now :- 03 8714 0012


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