Tuesday 5 June 2012

Carpet Flood and Water Damage Melbourne

Carpet Flood and Water Damage in Melbouren:-
                                                                            Dirt Fighter's technicians are highly trained carpet cleaners with the experience and expertise to help you with all you carpet disasters 24 hours a day.

If you have unfortunately suffered any form of flood or water damage to your carpet it requires immediate professional attention. At the Dirt Fighter , our technicians can restore your carpet immediately to it's original condition.

The main causes of carpet water damage are:-

The first step after flood and water damage is water extraction. We have powerful water extracting machines which suck all of the excess water from your water damaged carpet. After water damage the carpets are scientifically tested with moisture detecting gauges. If necessary we can arrange for your underlay to be replaced and to relay your valuable carpets in pristine condition.

Water damaged homes breed mould, mildew and bacteria which threaten your families health. Our experts carpet cleaners will clean , dry and remove mould from your water damaged carpets, Upholstery and even some furniture. Mould and bacteria present hazardous conditions which require disinfecting using the right safety equipment and machinery Call Us to protect your family.

Flood and Water Damage Carpet must be dealt with as soon as possible! Carpets that sits in water can stain and rot in a very short time. We offer and emergency 24/7 restoration service which gets you the help you need 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Call Us Now!!!!!!


1. Try to find and stop the water intrusion source.
2. Try to identify the extent of the water damaged area. You can do this by tracing the pathways of the                   water to find where the damage has spread.
3. Plan and start the clean up by collecting items from the floor,Find a spare room where some of the household / office items may need to be stored temporarily while the restoration is in progress
The basic idea here is to move and protect your personal belongings / documents from water damage.


Use your household vacuum to remove water ( Electrical shock may occur)
Leave books, Magazines or other coloured items on we carpets or floors as they may stain the carpet.
Use TVs or other household appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors, especially not on wet concrete floors.
Leave wet fabrics in place : Dry as soon as possible
Turn on ceiling fixtures if celling is wet. and keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.


Make sure an appropriate, licensed service company has been called to eliminate the water source or make necessary repairs as required.
Turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas : Unplug and Remove any small electrical devices on the wet carpet.
Remove Oriental rugs or other coloured rugs from wet wall to wall carpeting.
Remove valuable paintings and art objects to a safe. dry place.
Place aluminium foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and we carpeting.
Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts to prevent watermarks, dye marks.
Make plans for restoration crew to move large furniture to specified dry areas, if necessary, gather loose items, toys etc from floor.
Immediate response to flooding saves time and money. The longer any type of water damage goes untreated the greater the damage. The restoration procedures are designed to eliminate moisture and stop/ prevent the growth of mould and mildew.Generally we carpets can withstand water for up to three days : However immediate response to your wet carpet is crucial for best outcome.In most cases different types of water will affect the decision to restore the carpet or not.


Water damage can be an expensive disaster, Whether the water comes from a broken pipe, a flood or even a fire, the damage can be severe and long lasting if water restoration work is not started promptly.
The best way to reduce the effects of water damage is to do work now to prevent the effects of water damage.
In fact, many insurance  policies have provisions requiring you to make reasonable efforts to mitigate further damage to your property. One of the easiest ways to mitigate water damage is to prevent water damage in the first place.
It's important to regularly check your home's plumbing for problems and leaks. A small leak in a pipe may not seem like much at the time.but those drips add up. Each one is causing damage to your home, promoting mildew, mould or dry rot in your structure.Promptly fixing any drips or leaks, it's also a good to check the condition of your pipes.it might even be a good idea to have a plumber or water restoration expert ensure that the pipes are in proper condition.
If there is some damage caused by leaks, it's important to make sure that the damaged area is restored through the services of a water restoration expert.


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